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Genre: Action / RPG
Game Page: Game On Steam
Should You Buy It: Yes

Disclaimer: Game is in Early access, lots of things are ought to change. Developers mentioned that there will be a lot of improvement and they encourage people to post their thoughts, comments and ask them anything in Steam community hub.

The Vagrant is a 2D Action / RPG game, where you take a role of a travelling sellsword on her own mission. Combat lots of different creatures and explore the world on a journey through medieval fantasy world.

The Good

Overall, the gameplay itself is great. Attack Sequences: Animations are well done and you can chain the combos quite easily. The attack combos are introduced gradually (through your talent tree, where you can look up what they do and the keys to use them), which gives you enough time to practice them. The controls are responsive and make it easy to perform attacks.

And the whole game actually follows this practice: the difficulty gradually increases, throwing easy monsters at the start and then becoming more challenging towards the end. The seasoned players won’t be bored at the beginning either: at every world, there are optional rooms with higher rewards and more challenging monsters.

There’s also a vast ability tree, or rather a circle. You can level up everything, as long as you have mana and find relevant items. For people who like to grind – this can be a perfect opportunity to max out all possible stats.

And finally, the graphics are nice. The backgrounds seem to be hand-drawn and overall very clean. The game has a very distinct medieval-fantasy feel. I can’t say anything bad about the music, it’s there and it’s not annoying nor repetitive, so I can say that it’s a plus.

The Bad

  • Can’t Skip the Cutscenes, there are not many of them, but sometimes when you die and have to redo it – it’s a pain.
  • Game Balance leaves some questions: potions are useless: they restore health, but have cooldown. Instead, you can open the equipment menu and use consumable food, that does the same and has no cooldown. There are even talents that reduce healing potion cooldowns. Why? You can essentially avoid that by just eating food (which is also encountered more often in game).
  • Translation shows errors now and then and then there are weird plot hole that I especially noticed: “everyone in the village got killed” – then you kill the boss – then everyone in the village (except for one house) is suddenly there again. The characters also seem to open up randomly: would you tell a random dude you’ve met a day ago that your father abandoned you? It’s up to you to judge.
  • Alright, I have to mention the breasts. Alright, I know there are fans of this style out there and I’m not here to complain about the size, but I can’t help but look at the heroine and ask “where’s the damn neck?” Breasts seems to be drawn too high, leaving no place for the clearly distinguishable upper chest and neck.


At its current state, the game is not perfect. The plot might not be that great and the character introductions are somewhat rushed, but the combat system and the gradual change of surroundings make it well worth it. The ability to chain combos flawlessly, customize your abilities / equipment, as well as difficulty being just right – that makes the game good and because of this I can confidently recommend it.

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