Codex of Victory - Indie Game Reviews 2017

Genre: Turn-Based Tactics / Strategy
Game Page: Game On Steam
Should You Buy It: If you are a Turn-Based Strategy game fan

Codex of Victory is a turn-based tactics/strategy game. To describe a gameplay briefly: it’s a game with classical Turn-Based Tactics feel: the battlefield is split into hexagonal tiles. You control separate units with move and attack gameplay. Each action take action points, which you have limited amount. Capture bases to increase that limit. Technically, battles are nothing exceptional (but nothing bad either), just a classical process for this type of games. However, there’s a global planning map, where you build the units for upcoming battles and upgrade them, which introduces a good strategical/resource-management aspect to the game. Battles are won by tactics, whereas your success in a war is measured by the right strategy. Build the right buildings and units and your tactical battles will be much smoother. Plan and build poorly – and battles will be much more troubling.


  • A strategy with classical Turn-Based Tactics feel, which is heavily underrepresented on the market right now
  • Big campaign: multiple planets to conquer, lots of battles to fight
  • Unit upgrade system (modules) that affects the gameplay: you can add extra stats / traits to your units, altering the battle tactics
  • Resource Management and Unit production diversifies tactical gameplay and adds a strategic layer.
  • Neat graphics and decent sounds


  • No skirmish / map editor. I know it might seem trivial for some, but if you want to extend the fun – there’s no way to do
  • There’s a huge difficulty jump after you complete tutorials (namely: after Baron’s satellite appears): won’t be a problem for seasoned TBS veterans, but if you’re starting out this will be quite tough
  • Some units feel pretty much same (Looking at you, spider tank and heavy tank).
  • There’s a plot, but it feels generic. (Actually a good thing if you want more of fighting and less reading, just don’t expect a deep world description).


Codex of Victory is a solid game for Tactical genre fans. It you are a fan of the genre and are familiar with it – it’s a good choice to fill the void and you won’t be disappointed. There’s really no “WOW” factor here, but there’s nothing bad in the game either: you get what you see on the screenshots / videos.

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Feature Image taken from the Codex of Victory store page, here

Wartile - Indie Game Reviews 2017 Steam Screenshot

Genre: Strategy
Game Page: Game On Steam
Should You Buy It: Not now. Check back when early access is over

Disclaimer #1: I got the key for free
Disclaimer #2: The game is in early access, some things ought to change

You control the Vikings on various objectives. The Vikings are the figurines like in the border game that you move. The twist is that they attack / defend in real time, making it somewhat a blend between turn-based and real-time game.


  • Nice approach to customization
  • Detailed models and graphics
  • Innovative mechanics: a combination of tabletop hexagonal tiles and real time approach gives interesting results
  • Challenging difficulty – not impossible to beat, but it requires good decisionmaking skills


  • Slow Pace: sometimes you just sit and stare how figures keep hitting each other. The game is real-time, but the cooldowns between attacks feel a bit too much, they do not give the impression of “awesome Viking fights”
  • The game just was not fun to me: positioning matters, skill choice matters, but there are not many skills that you can use at once (it’s also unclear how cooldowns for character spells work). Basically, most of the game you move your figures and then stare how they fight.
  • Tutorial is not nearly enough: it gives a glimpse of basic controls, but it’s entirely possible (and actually probable) to lose the first mission after that: some game mechanic exploration would help, like telling players about block chances, possibility to equip items (after tutorial is over), some tips on tactics (like a lot of strategy games to during loading times), etc.
  • Fonts: I am not sure if the game is made in Unity, but the fonts really give away that “Unity Feel”: they are just not sharp enough and don’t look good. The UI is not terrible, but the fonts make it look that way. The fonts up close (score, gold) could use some anti-aliasing, but the points far could use more sharpness: otherwise signs on board (i.e. options) look blurred.


As it often happens with Early Access games – the game has great potential, but I think it went into Early Access a bit too early. I don’t necessary mean that the game is bad, It just feels like there’s not much to do now. I recommend skip this one for now and get back to check it out later, once it’s fully released.

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Feature Image taken from the Wartile store page, here

February turned out to be pretty eventful, we had lots of games coming out that are really decent. Here’s the video to sum that up!

Frankly, all each one from the top 3 could be #1, it’s just a matter of preference, but Hollow Knight is indeed insanely good. 🙂 I’m looking into releases on March, but not seeing much interesting stuff so I’m probably going to take a small break in March and upload my own game dev videos on Youtube. However, if you have some review suggestions, let me know in the comments!